Model's Profile

  • Name:
  • Born:
  • Height:
    178 cm
  • C / W / H:
    90 / 60 / 90 cm


Dominica is a lovely, friendly young woman of Italian and Latin descent. A pretty blonde with a flawless complexion, she has lived all over the world and is extremely well cultured. Well educated and open minded, her natural, down to earth nature makes her an excellent companion. She enjoys life to the fullest and manages to find beauty in the small things in life. One of her most charming qualities is her contagious and cute laughter and her amazing sense of humour. She does have a very passionate streak however, and will always aim to please you in any way ,shape or form imaginable. While outside she might be very calm and easy going, in bed she’s a true tigress.

Dominica is always cheerful and her smiles shines on all those lucky enough to be in her company.. She’s a great listener, and enjoys a good conversation on many different topics. Dominica speaks both Spanish, English and Italian fluently. One of her favourite hobbies is singing karaoke and she certainly has the angelic voice to back it up.