Model's Profile


Nikky is always very well presented. Having modelled for many years, she has a great sense of fashion and knows how to dress for the perfect occasion, whether it is a night at the opera or a sexy pool party. Nikky spends a lot of her time being very active, participating in swimming, soccer as well as horse riding. She has an amazing body and takes great pride in maintaining it in an immaculate shape. Nikky has a degree in sociology and is well versed in multiple languages. Having been abroad for the last 10 years, she has a very cosmopolitan attitude and is very well cultured. She loves going clubbing and having crazy nights out just as much as quite retreats in the mountains. Funny and charming, Nikky is utterly captivating. She will be a great companion next to you, regardless of where you are. with a bubbly personality and an amazing smile, she’s sure to win your heart and mind.